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State Farm is great at providing customer support. They do have good insurance agents that follow up as needed. Their ads give impression of a human touch when filing claims.

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Q: Does State Farm provide people a good insurance agent?
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Is it possible for one to get life insurance advice from your State Farm agent?

"State Farm doesn't just provide automobile and house insurance; they also provide life insurance. So, you should be able to get advice from a State Farm agent on life insurance."

Has anyone heard of a website for homeowners insurance called

yes i have. it's actually a site where i found my insurance agent. they provide you with a local homeowners insurance agent directory sorted by state and zip code.

Can someone provide some information on auto insurance ri?

Yes, there are people who can provide information for your friend about auto insurance. You could start off by asking your insurance agent to explain it to him or by contacting an insurance company.

Are there companies that offer quotes on political risk insurance online?

State Farm and Farmers insurance provide this coverage. Check with your local agent for a quote.

Where can you find out more about insurance?

A local insurance agent would be glad to help answer your questions. Look in your phone book for a local State Farm or Allstate agent. They can give you a free consultation, assess your insurance needs, and provide a quote as well.

Where can one shop and compare building insurance?

One can shop and compare building insurance by visiting an insurance agent. State Farm and other insurance companies will compare the insurance they provide with comparable insurance provided by others.

How should I plan to become an insurance agent?

To become an insurance agent, most companies require an agent to have a college education. You will also have to be licensed with your state. You can read more at

Can you get a print out of your life insurance policy?

Yes, your agent or the insurance company can provide with a copy of your insurance policy.

Which companies provide budget direct insurance?

To find a company that offers direct insurance, consult with an insurance agent or broker. They can provide information on companies that can provide direct insurance at low costs.

What is the name of an insurance policy of which has no agent to provide service?


Does Infiniti insurance provide auto and home insurance bundle discounts?

It appears they do but the FAQs state that an independent agent can provide that information. It is not readily available on the website. I would be best to give the company a call and discuss your needs

Where can I find travel insurance for elderly people?

You can find travel insurance for elderly people from the seller of the package, such as Orbitz or Expedia or the travel agent. Most agencies and hospitality providers provide this insurance for an extra cost.