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Yes it does, through their comprehensive insurance coverage.

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Q: Does State Farm Auto Insurance cover flood damage?
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Does insurance cover foundation leak after flood?

"Flood Insurance" will cover damage resulting from a Flood. Homeowners Insurance will not.

Will your flood insurance cover your car in the driveway?

No, Flood insurance will not cover your Automobile. Your Comprehensive Auto Insurance will cover flood damage to your Car.

Will Atlas insurance cover flood damage?

Yes Atlas insurance does cover flood damage. They also secure food insurance that you may need and also provide you with insurance to replace your assets which were damaged in the flood.

Is flood insurance included in basic homeowners insurance?

Homeowner's insurance policies do not cover flood damage. You will need a Flood Insurance policy and to get one you will have to apply and wait 30 days.

Does homeowner's insurance cover non-flood damage for water in basements?

Homeowner's insurance is a very important essential if someone owns a home. This insurance does not cover non-flood damage for water in the basement, though. It only covers flood damage or loss of valuables.

When a flood is declared a National Disaster does flood insurance automatically pay if you are in a flood zone?

If you have flood insurance it will cover damage resulting from a flood. It does not matter if a national disaster has been declared or not.

Do most insurance companies cover flood damage?

Different insurance companies have different covers for different things. However, you may be able to get insurance for flood separately from your other insurance that you may have.

Does homeowners cover water damage from a leaky roof?

In most states, homeowner's insurance does not cover water damage from a leaky roof. Water damage is generally covered under a separate policy called flood insurance.

Does Florida Homeowners Insurance without extra flood insurance cover water damage if the roof is torn off from a storm and water comes from the sky?

Yes. This is not a 'flood' situation. Flood insurance covers rising waters entering the home. The homeowners policy covers resulting water damage from a wind damaged roof.

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage due to a dishwasher breaking and leaking?

Unfortunately not. Read your policy well but more then likely not! I worked in two different insurance companies and water damage was a very big deal! The only way you could get any type of coverage was if you had flood insurance, if you lived in a flood zone, and IF FEMA declared it a flood! Sorry!

Does homeowners insurance cover when flooding is caused by heavy roots?

Flood damage is covered by "Flood Insurance" not by home insurance. Flood coverage is obtained on a separate flood insurance policy in the USA. Heavy roots from a presumably over grown tree or a tree that is located too close to the house is an owners landscape maintenance and upkeep issue.

Does flood insurance cover a gunite pool that broke from flooding water pressure and all the pipes broke?

No. Flood insurance is intended to cover stated damage that results from naturally occurring floods, such as by hurricanes. At that, flood insurance is a separate, stand-alone policy. It is often available through a Federal Flood Insurance program, and may be obtainable through local insurance agents. Flood insurance has specific requirements for the cause of loss and definitions of a "flood", such as that flooding must also occur on neighboring properties. The type of damage that you mention may come within the scope of a homeowners policy, subject to its terms and conditions.