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Q: Does Selena Gomez ever wear a bra?
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What bra size does Selena Gomez wear?


How is Selena Gomez influential?

She inspires girls you can be pretty and still wear a A sized bra.

What is Selena Gomez 'es bra size?


What size is Selena Gomez bra?


What bra size does slena Gomez wear?


What is Selena Gomez bra?

i once read somewhere i think it was online or a magazine that she wears 34b

Does Selena Gomez have abs?

Yes selena gomez does have abbs she is on tour so she rehearses everyday. Then She rehearses her dance moves too. And also she works out with her personal trainer. So he result: SHE HAS ABBS!!!!!! lol but it's true i saw her in concert and theres this outfit she has wear she has like a sports bra on or something and you can see her abbs.

Did Justin Bieber kiss Selena Gomez in their Hawaii holiday in the year 2011?

Uh huh. Than means yes. They kissed (well had sex rather) on the beach an I think Selena Gomez didn't have bra on..... :P

Did Selena Gomez get implants?

it does seem a lot bigger than the past pictures. But she might have just been wearing a push up bra.

What size is Selena gomez's pants?

Selena Gomez is a size two.*Thats so not fair, shes like 16.17 and shes a size 2, and im 14, and im a size 2, shes soo lucky.:PP(:*

Should I wear a bra with yoga tops?

your choice. if you do wear a bra, wear a sports bra

How old do you need to be when you wear a bra my daughter is 12 and her friends make fun of her cause she doessent have big boobs like them my daughter has small boobs and she doosent wear a bra?

You are probley a child typing this, but i started wearing a bra when i was 8. You can wear a bra when ever just dont buy one that is to big or to small. You shoulld let her wear a bra if she has a smaller chest concider a size 30A or a sports bra.