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Q: Does Ross Lynch have a twin brother?
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Does Ross Lynch have a twin?


Is one of Ross Lynch siblings adopted?

yes i do think one of his brother are adopted

Will Ross Lynch date a 14 year old?

maybe but ross lynch has a little brother who is 14 his name is ryland lynch LOOK HIM UP!!

How many brother and sisters does Ross Lynch have?

He is the fourth of five children in the Lynch family.

Who sings my brother likes plantain chips?

Ross Lynch

Are Laura Marano and Ross Lynch brother and sister?

no thay are not

Is Ross Lynch in a band called r5?

Yes! With his 2 brothers, Rocky Lynch and Riker Lynch, and with his sister, Rydel! Ross' brother, Ryland Lynch, is their manager! srry just a minor change ross has 4 siblings not 2 4 he has 3 brothers and 1 sister

How old Riker Lynch?

Riker Lynch is 26 years old (born November 8, 1991).He is the brother of Ross, Rocky, and Rydel Lynch.

Does Ross Lynch have a brother?

Yes his name is Riker Lynch. He plays the Blond warbler and fox's hit show Glee.

Is Ross Lynch and riker lynch kind?

Riker Lynch and Ross Lynch are brothers :)

What is Ross Lynch's favourite color?

In an interview he said it is yellow in real life. But on twitter he tweeted "whatever colour that makes you think R5 is awesome!" . R5 is Ross Lynch's band that includes his brothers and sister , Riker Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Ellington Ratliff (who is not related to him but he is Ross' best friend), and of course Ross Lynch himself. He has a younger brother who isn't in the band and his name is Ryland Lynch. Thanks for Reading!

Does Ross Lynch have sibblings?

Yes, Riker (Brother: 1st born) Rydel (Sister: 2nd born) Rocky (Brother: 3rd born) and then Ross was the 4th born. Ryland (Brother: is the youngest :)