Does McDonald's food cure a hangover?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, are you an idiot? Where do you get this logic?

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Q: Does McDonald's food cure a hangover?
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Where can one learn how to cure a hangover?

Wikihow provides steps about how you are able to cure a hangover. The NHS website also provides information about how to reduce and cure hangover symptoms.

Is coconut water good for hang over?

It is good for you but it will not cure a hangover (any more than any other "hangover cure" will).

Good for a hangover milk weed thisle?

More alcohol will cure the hangover.. say a half of a beer.

Why is menudo so popular?

it's a cure for a hangover!

What can you do to cure your Halloween hangover?

Sleep Sleep Sleep :)

What are the release dates for For the Win - 2011 How to Cure a Hangover 1-23?

For the Win - 2011 How to Cure a Hangover 1-23 was released on: USA: 26 July 2011

Is it bad to take aspirin with coffee?

No,Aspirin with Coffee is the best cure for a hangover.

Which fast food fries are the greasiest?

mcdonalds mcdonalds

What is angus durus bitter?

drop or two of the magic stuff in a drink will cure any hangover,

What is the main type of food in new york?

McDonalds I think McDonalds I think McDonalds I think

What helps when your Sick from drinking?

Hair of the dog, some say. A small shot to help cure the hangover.

Can something cure a hangover besides time?

You can cure a hangover quicker by hydrating properly and having something good to eat like bacon and eggs. Other than that, relax and stay away from bright lights and lots of movement that could set off the nausea too.