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Q: Does London tap water cause constipation?
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Can you have tadpoles in tap water?

no cause if do they die so u leave the tap water out for about a week cause tap water has a chemical in it that will harm the tadpoles

Which will freeze fastest tap water tap salt water and tap sugared water?

Plain Tap water would freeze fastest.Adding salt or sugar to tap water will cause a depression/decrease in freezing point. Hence it will be harder to freeze the tap salt or sugar water.

Why would tap water hard to supercool?

cause their molecules inside making tap water hard to supercool

What is the cause of coating chromium on a water tap?


Why are tap water enemas bad for the colon?

The colon absorbs water, and repeated tap water enemas can cause cardiovascular overload and electrolyte imbalance

Why is tap water bad when making bubbles?

cause u and i furt in it cause u and i furt in it

What promotes greater hardness in minerals?

Minerals are what cause water to be hard, tap water in east coast(NJ) is harder than tap water in CA. More minerals=harder water

Is there any difference in bottled water and tap?

That depends on where you live in the world - In Norway tap water is completely harmless, however in places like London it can make you seriously ill. So I recommend bottled water for the most parts.

What will rust a nail the fastest?

tap water will rust it faster. tap water lets more oxygen get to the nail and should cause it to rust in a few hours after being put in the water

What liquid tap water regular water or salt water will cause bouyancy?

All the types of water and generally all the fluids (gas, liquid, solution) cause buoyancy.

Does tap water or salt water cause metals to rust faster and why?

Most likely salt water. The salt accelerates the rate of corrosion, plus it has the oxygen needed for the metal to rust. Tap water has the oxygen too but with the salt also, it would cause the metal to rust more rapidly.

Can too much calcium or other minerals in tap water cause an urinary tract infection?

Calcium or minerals in tap water do not cause infections, urinary or any other. However, very high calcium intake (much, much higher than in tap water) especially consumed over time can cause kidney stones, a very painful and potentially life-threatening disease.