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He never died. He was just 'frozen' by the Angel of Destiny. He comes back during the last episode.

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Q: Does Leo come back to life during charmed season 8?
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Did Prue come back in the 8 season of charmed?

no :(

When does Charmed season 9 come out?

There will not be a season 9 of Charmed, Charmed only has 8 seasons.

When does charmed season ten come out?

Charmed ended with season 8. There is no ninth or tenth season.

Where can people find Charmed season 9 episodes?

There is not a season 9 of Charmed. Charmed only has 8 seasons. the charmed season 9 has not come out yet but there is suppose to be a season 9 and 10 but nobody knows when its suppose to come out yet!

How long is cole in charmed?

Cole comes into charmed at the beginning of season and then he dies many times but always comes back. He die for real in season 5. he does come back for one or two eps but that's it

What season did Paige from Charmed come in?

Season 4, the first episode 'Charmed Again' :D

Will prue come back in any season of charmed?

no she does not although, she is mentioned by the other sisters at times.

How come Prue came back in Charmed season 9?

I'm not sure that she did come back in the ninth season (its a comic book). The only Prue that is mentioned is Phoebe's Daughter, Prue Jr. If you would like to read more go on charmed wikia :)

When does Charmed season come out?

Charmed has been out and u can buy it at borders

What episode of charmed does Paige come in?

The first episode of Season Four. I believe it was called Charmed Again.

Will Charmed come back?

yes if they can get prue back in it.

How come shannen dorthey came back to charmed season 9?

I am very sorry to tell you this but there is no season 9 in charmed season 8 episode 22 all that happens is that you see piper's kids and phoebe and her boyfriend and then you see piper telling a story to some kids.