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Q: Does Julia montes and enrique gil is dating?
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Who is Enrique Gil's Girlfriend?

Julia Montes

Is true Julian Monte's and Enchong Dee is in a relationship?

NO WAY! Julia Montes doesn't like Enchong, She likes Enrique Gil!

Who is the girlfriend of enchong dee?

Yes, Maja Salvador is the Girlfriend of Enchong. Julia Montes doesn't like Enchong, she likes Enrique Gil

What is the full name of enrique gil?

Enrique Mari Bacay Gil

When was Enrique Gil born?

Enrique Gil was born on 1992-03-30.

When was Enrique Gil Gilbert born?

Enrique Gil Gilbert was born in 1912.

When did Enrique Gil Gilbert die?

Enrique Gil Gilbert died in 1973.

Who are the parents of Enrique Gil?

Julio Iglesias

What is the favorite cartoon character of enrique gil?

enrique gil favorite cartoon is spongebob squarepats

What has the author Enrique Gil Albornoz written?

Enrique Gil Albornoz has written: '!Ven, vamos a pensar!'

When was Enrique Gil Calvo born?

Enrique Gil Calvo was born in 1946, in Huesca, Aragn, Spain.

Who is girlfriend of enrique gil?

Coleen Garcia is Enrique's past girlfriend.Now 2012. I think Enrique Gil is single.