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Gatorade (TM) is a "sports drink" that supplies electrolytes and carbohydrates to replace those used in warm-weather exercise. The drink contains more sodium than potassium, but both salts may be depleted during perspiration and this could lead to muscle cramps. Most sports drinks are less effective than plain water in "rehydrating" (restoring water to the body) because the carbohydrtes (sugar) and salt impede the absorption of water, and may even cause a net loss as the digestive system processes the drink.

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Q: Does Gatorade restore potassium salt and water?
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Does Gatorade contain salt?

3 electrolytes: Potassium, Sodium and Chloride.

Why does drinking large volumes of plain water after exercising affect the salt balance in the body?

Body fluid contains sodium (salt). When people exercise, they sweat. Sweat contains sodium. Sweating deceases sodium, which then increases potassium levels. To restore balance, the person needs to restore fluids and electrolytes.

What is the conductivity of powerade and Gatorade?

has anyone tested the electrolytes and measured their conductivity, i know that gatorade has slightly more salt and potassium (electrolytes), just don't have actual numbers

What does the hormone aldosterone regulate?

Sodium and Potassium.

Does Gatorade count as water intake?

no - because it contains sugar and salt

If you have low levels of potassium should you consume a lot of Gatorade?

No, not unless your are planning on sweating alot. Gatorade has a great amount of sodium (salt) in it. A much better alternative would be bananas. bananas are FILLED with potassium. (dont binge though. You know, they do use potassium to put death row inmates to rest.) Another good source of potassium is sweet potatoes.

Are salt and potassium examples of electrolytes?

Salt (sodium chloride) is an electrolyte in water solutions or when is melted. Potassium is a chemical element.

What is the purpose of salt or sugar dissolving in water?

Sugar turns water into gatorade. Salt can be used to raise the boiling point or lower the freezing point of water.

Is KNO3 a acid a base a salt or a non-electrolyte?

Potassium Nitrate is a salt

Does apple juice have salt in it?

no sports drinks such as gatorade contain more electrolytes. orange juice is rich in potassium which is an important electrolyte while gatorade contains potassium as well as sodium and chloride two other key electrolytes.

What is the word equation for the displacement between aluminium iron and potassium?

aluminium +potassium=salt +water

What contains potassium chloride?

Some people use potassium chloride as a water softener salt.