Does Elmo like pie

Updated: 9/18/2023
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No elmo loves to make love to childern

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Q: Does Elmo like pie
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Does Elmo have an innie or outie?

Elmo is just emo...he doen't have a belly button geniuses. i like pie. oink oink

How do you talk like Elmo?

learn how to talk like elmo

What is an Elmo unit?

that is a shoe og Elmo are like a name brand of Elmo so yea peace hommies Ashley

Where can one find Elmo Quotes on Facebook?

Elmo quotes can be found on Facebook from various Elmo related pages. One can like these pages, such as "Elmo's Quotes", and get them sent to their front page regularly.

Who poops like Elmo?

you do smarty

Who would win a fight between Barney and Elmo?

Elmo, is WAY more popular than Barney. First of all, in 2007 Barney was claimed to drop the big F bomb. Elmo is a way better influence than Barney. Second, Elmo is more entertaining than barney for all ages because of the popular stars of all ages staring on the show. i like both i just found the mean song about barnie and i sang it to my mom and she told me not to sing it but i like barnie and Elmo

Why does Elmo like to learn?

Because he is just cool like that!

What is a Elmo that's red?

Elmo is red because he is. Just like you guys were born different colors, he was made red.

What does Elmo like to do?

OATMEAL. That's probably why he makes oatmeal art.

Does green day like pie?

They like pie they announced it on facebook they mostly like pumpkin pie

What is puppet plays?

Puppet plays are exactly what they are. It is a musical or a play with puppets. Kind of like in elmo. Elmo is a puppet, but it is not necessarily a play.

Is Elmo really Eco Elmo?

it is Elmo i know it