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Yes, there is what you called a battle net were you can play online and the GGarena were you can also play online.

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Q: Does DOTA play online with war craft 3?
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Is dota and war craft the same?

DotA and Warcraft are not the same. DotA is a user-made map that is played in Warcraft. Since DotA runs on the warcraft engine, many of the models are taken from it, thus the games look similar while are functionally different.

How many people play world of war craft each day?

to many

How do you play 2 player World at War online on PS3?

You can not play 2 player split screen online for World at War.

Can you play God of War online?


Does Call of Duty world at war have online?

yes, call of duty world at war has online. you go into multiplayer and click play online.

How do you play napoleon total war online?

You dont.

Can You Play 2 players Online on World at War on the same PS3 and screen?

yes you can play 2 players online on world at war on the same ps3 screen

How can one play Territory War Online?

To play, go to the Xgenstudios website and search for Territory War Online. Then click to play. The game will either load or download the recent update. No registration is required.

What games do teenagers play on the computers?

mostly minecraft, but they also play world of war craft, wizard 101, and maybe club penguin. not shure about others

Can world of the war craft be played as having computer to be opponent?

No, World of Warcraft is a MMORPG - a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game , BUT you do play against the computer when playing PVE - player vs environment. It's in PVP - player vs player, that you have to have others to play against.

How do you play Star Wars online?

If you wanted to play star wars online then go on to google then tipe star war games online then click on the won you want to play and there you go

How can you play territory war online?

Just go to newgrounds and type in territory war