Does AAA offer seniors discounts

Updated: 4/28/2022
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AAA does offer senior discounts. They also offer numerous other discounts and have fantastic rates.

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Q: Does AAA offer seniors discounts
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What sort of discounts does AAA offer?

AAA offers discount at hundreds of retailers and on travel. Just ask at the retailer or hotel if they offer AAA discounts.

Does AAA offer discounts on auto insurance for its members?

AAA does offer a variety of discounts and benefits on auto insurance for its members.

Does dish network offer discounts for seniors?

Dish Network does not currently offer discounts for seniors. Dish Network does offer other discounts or special offers for new and existing customers.

Do they offer AAA discounts for retired military personnel?

Many places offer discounts for retired military such as Lowes and Disney World, however AAA discounts are for members of AAA reguardless of military status.

What hotels offer discounts to AAA members?

"Some hotels that offer discounts to AAA members are Best Western Suites, LaQuinta Inn and Suites, and Fairfield Inn and Suites. Drury Inn and Suites also offers discounts to AAA members."

What hardware stires offer seniors discounts?

what hardwdare stores offer senior discounts on first tuesday of the month

Are travel discounts for seniors offered through AAA?

Yes. AAA offers a wide range of discounts that can help you save money on your travels and on the items you might need during your travels (luggage, maps, travel gear).

Are there any places that offer camping discounts for seniors?

This website talks about senior discounts: I could not find any discounts for seniors but camping discounts can be found on this site:

Does AAA offer a travel discount in Canada?

Yes, you can take advantage of the travel discounts that AAA grants its members if you are traveling to Canada. You can find out about the discounts and benefits that AAA offers its members in Canada at AAA's website for finding out discount information. ( You can also visit ( for further information regarding AAA discounts and benefits in Canada.

What websites offer AAA hotel discounts?

Websites that offer AAA hotel discounts include Hilton, Booking Buddy, Best Western, Marriott, Independent Traveler, Town Place Suites and Budget Travel.

What sort of discounts does AAA offer for new drivers?

AAA offers up to 10% discounts for new drivers with no accident or ticket history. See the website or call a AAA sales associate for complete details.

Which companies specialize in travel for seniors?

Many hotels offer discounted rates for seniors. But if you want to find discounts in one place offers discounts for their members in one place.