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Q: Does 'Karen Austin 'Autograph' Pictures That Are Sent To Her?
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I'm not sure but you could try it and see!

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no, Vanessa sent Zack pictures

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hi im a huge twilight fan i have sent letters and autograph requests to Robert pattinson and Nikki reed you could try and get in touch with Ashley by Ashley has replied to her fans with pictures of her autographed but its a while to 5 months or more i still havnt got any and i sent myne in January

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yess it can

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Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace are not married. In eastenders their characters Kat and Alfie are married. But in real life Shane is married to a ex dancer called Christie Goddard, and Jessie ditched her recent husband to be at the alter as he sent pictures of her and sent them to his ex girlfriend Karen Short. Hope this helped!:)

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You can't do this without a Twitter account.

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