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I would suggest giving the original names with a translation in brackets.

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2008-05-28 22:42:57
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Q: Do you translate the names of paintings when translating into English?
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How can you find translations for Chinese names into English equivalents?

Translating chinese into its english equivalents is difficult. You can translate them by looking into books or you can use a translator on the internet.

How do you translate English names into Chinese?

what are you doing

What is the name Yui Aragaki when translated to English?

When translating names from Japanese to English their always the same so your answer is Yui Aragaki

How do you translate dates of Spanish laws?

The Spanish speaking world dates events just the way the English speaking world does. If you have a Spanish date and a list of the names of the days of the week and months of the year in both English and Spanish you shold have no trouble in translating a date from one language to another.

Can do you translate names in modern English to old English?

_no you cant because old English is just the same to modern English....

How do you translate sung from Korean to English?

if you mean sung as in names, then it's surname.

In Japanese what does Helen mean?

whats it mean in English names don't translate

What is the name amalia when translated from spanish into English?

There is no direct equivalent - it does not translate. (Not all names do.)

What are the names of countries in Spanish that translate into English?

Puerto Rico means "rich port."

Is there a webite to translate names from English to Chinese?

Yes, the link of such a website has added below. It is for your reference.

Is there a website that can translate Japanese names to English names?

If by English names you mean into romaji - which is a readable version of Japanese then yes there is. An example of what I mean is; 日本国 - Nihonkoku Meaning Japan.

What does Julio translate to in English?

It translates into "July" , though its modern form evolved into many new names.

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