Do you swallow ejaculate

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Yes. It's delicious and it'd be rude to spit.

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Q: Do you swallow ejaculate
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Which video did vanessa blue swallow ejaculate in?

She does not swallow>

When your on your period is it bad to swallow ejaculate?


You want to swallow your brothers ejaculate?

Well i dont but i think you may need to see a doctor about that

How you get her to swallow your ejaculate?

Easy, one way to get a girl to swallow is after she gives you either a blow job or a hand job or even both as soon as your ready to ejaculate ask her to swallow and most likely she will. She'll be so obsessed with what's about to happen she won't really say anything till after. And most importantly DO NOT TELL YOUR FRIENDS THAT SHE SWALLOWED!

How can you swallow sperm?

If you like egg-whites its easy... A: Just let the guy ejaculate in your mouth and swallow it. Or you could lick it up off yourself or someone else.

Can females swallow sperm?

It's not dangerous unless he has a STD and it's up to each person what they want to do. There are no "should's". If you want to it is erotic to him when you swallow even to just to taste his ejaculate.

How do women swallow?

The girl opens her mouth while u speem (or ejaculate) in their miuth and they are supposed to choke on it but don't ask me y I kno this

Is it OK to swallow pre-ejaculate fluid?

ummm... not really any kind of liquid transfer in any place can potently produce and std.

What happens if a boy swallows vaginal secretions?

Well, it's neither normal nor abnormal for a boy to swallow his own semen, but nothing would happen.

What does semen or ejaculate taste like?

The flavor of ejaculate differs from person to person, based on their own inherent scents, diet, environment, if they smoke and so on. While I've yet to encounter someone who actually liked its taste, more than one source has advised that beer and cigarettes befoul the flavor, and parsley (amongst other leafy iron rich vegetables) vastly improves the flavor. Hence:If you want him/her to swallow, eat your veggies. And...When he/she does swallow, recognize it for the act of love it is.

Is allwoud orl sex in Islam?

I have done some research in this matter. I would say, generally speaking, that it is OK if: 1) the woman does not swallow the ejaculate, and 2) the man can not have oral sex with his wife when she is on her menstrual cycle (bleeding).

How meany different types of swallow is there?

There are 8 varieties of Swallow. They are the Barn Swallow, Cave Swallow, Cliff Swallow, Bank Swallow, Northern Rough-winged Swallow, the Violet-green Swallow, Tree Swallow, and the Purple Martin.