Do you stop breathing under general anaesthetic?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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yes that is why u are put on a machine called a ventilator it breathes for u

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Q: Do you stop breathing under general anaesthetic?
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Can broken blood vessels in cervix be repaired?

Not repaired so much to say as stitched (with dissolving sutures) and cauterized to stop the bleeding. Painless under general anaesthetic, and with proper care and attention should heal quite quickly.

What occurs during shoulder surgery?

Shoulder surgery is performed by using a form of a telescope through cuts in the skin. You will be under a general anesthetiser during the procedure which means you will be asleep and given local anaesthetic after the procedure to stop the pain. If you smoke you will have to stop and you will have to fast (go on a special water diet) before the operation.

Does dust pneumonia make you stop breathing?

it dose stop breathing a whole breath but you can still breath.

When does air stop flowing in the lungs?

When you stop breathing.

Why are pulses and respirations taken together?

breathing is partly under voluntary control, a person is able to stop or alter breathing temporarily for a short period

When you sneeze do you stop breathing for a second?

When you sneeze you do in fact stop breathing for a second. This is because of the force of the air going out.

How long a koala can stop breathing when it is under water?

Koalas do not go underwater.Koalas are arboreal marsupials and, while they can swim, it is not an activity they choose to do.

Can living things stop breathing?

Yes they can, but if they stop breathing for too long then they are dead. This happens to millions of people everyday.

Would you stop breathing if the earth stop spinning?


Why was sage used in ancient Rome medicine?

It promoted urination and was used as a local anaesthetic {for the skin} and helped to stop bleeding.

What do they do to people when they die?

Stop breathing.

What happen when you stop breathing?

You die.