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Do you share Toyota's vision that all workers should sacrifice in order to avoid layoffs for permanent workers

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Q: Do you share Toyota vision that all workers should sacrifice in order to avoid layoffs for permanent workers?
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Does Toyota employ more American workers than GM?

No, GM employees twice as many americans than Toyota. The chart was a little hard to read. But it looks like Toyota employees about 31,000 US workers to GM's 63,000 US workers.

Who builds Lexus?

Toyota is the parent company. Lexus has workers and operators who builds the actual vehicles.

Who builds the Lexus?

Toyota is the parent company. They have separate operators and workers to manage and build Lexus vehicles.

What did Fujio Cho believe about lifetime employment?

Cho believed that the jettisoning of lifetime employment in many other Japanese companies was a serious danger to the social stability of his country. Layoffs were a dishonorable practice that Toyota would only consider as a last resort.

What car company in western Melbourne AU sacked over 300 workers in mid April 2012?

See website article:Toyota Australia sacks 350 workers. By Patrick O’Connor posted 17 April 2012

Can a Toyota Corolla be bullet proofed?

Yes. Any car can be. It depends on how much you're willing to pay and how much performance you're willing to sacrifice. The question is, why would you want to bullet proof a Toyota Corolla?

How much does Toyota pay its workers?

It all depends on how big of a city it is in, and what kind of job you're looking for. My guess for a Toyota worker in a place like Frankfort (KY capitol) it would be around 20$ an hour, but like I said it all depends on what job you're wanting to do.

What would you recomendmend to add to the radiator of Toyota landcruiser to fix a blown head gasket or cracker head?

Nothing. There is nothing you can add to the coolant that will repair a blown head gasket or cracked head. There are products you can use in an emergency to possibly get you home but these are just temporary fixes that will not last long. The only permanent fix is to open the engine up, replace the head gasket or head if necessary. STOP driving your Toyota immediately or you will have severe permanent engine damage.

What type of Toyota's are available at Fred Haas Toyota World?

There is a vast selection of Toyota's available at Fred Haas Toyota world including but not limited to Toyota Avalon, Toyota Avalon Hybrid, Toyota Camry, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Toyota Corrolla, Toyota Matrix, Toyota, Toyota Prius and Toyota Yaris.

Is is OK to replace the red antifreeze with green antifreeze in a 2004 Toyota Tundra?

It's probably not a good idea. The "permanent" antifreeze has different characteristics and is designed to help the cooling system perform better and last longer.

Palindromes for a a brand of a car?

a Toyota

Who is Toyota's maker?

Toyota makes Toyota cars and trucks.