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nope, Wolf Quest is free... yay!

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Q: Do you need to pay to play WolfQuest?
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How much money do you have to pay a month to play wolfquest?

WolfQuest is a free game, you don't have to pay anything to play.

Do you have to pay to play multiplayer on WolfQuest?

No. It is free(of course, you will need some hard drive space).

Do you have to pay for wolfquest2.5?

No, WolfQuest is free to download and play.

Do you need Internet to play WolfQuest?

I'm pretty positive you do.

How do you play wolfquest without downloading?

You must download WolfQuest to play it.

How do you get multiplayer on wolfquest?

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to complete WolfQuest to unlock multiplayer. The feature is available immediately after installing the game-- to play, you will need to have registered an account on the community forums in order to login and play with other members of WolfQuest. (See the provided sources / related links.)

How do you get a password on wolfquest?

To get a password to play in open multi-player games, you need to sign up at the WolfQuest forums:

How do you get wolfquest with no install?

Unfortunately, the only way to play WolfQuest is to install it.

Does half of America play Wolfquest?

No, half of America does not play WolfQuest. Considering how there are only 365256 users that have registered on WolfQuest, I doubt that there would be millions who have the game but did not register.

Are there any games were you play the animal?

WolfQuest and Fly like a bird. Wolfquest is amazing.

How do you play wolfquest 2 slough creek?

You must finish the first part of WolfQuest, Amethyst Mountain.

I downloaded WolfQuest and I can't get on to play?

UPDATE: Wolfquest is a great game and you can't buy it from a store. Usually its your firewall that won't let you play, type in firewall or find it and click on 'allow new progam' and click on wolfquest.