Do you need car insurance without a car?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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You need car insurance if you drive a car. If you want to drive a mates car but your already insured you also need to have insurance to drive your mates car. However, if you do not plan to drive the car you do not need car insurance, if the car is not going to be driven you could also take the car off road and their will be no need to pay road tax for it, as long as the car is not on the road.

The penalty's for driving without insurance is 6 points, £120 fine and you could also get your car impounded as well as, getting your licence revoked by the DVLA.

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Q: Do you need car insurance without a car?
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Can you get car insurance without a car?

Insurance without a CarNon Owners Insurance Yes, You can purchase Non-Owners Insurance, sometimes referred to as an Operators Policy or a Drivers Policy. It is not necessary to own a car to be insured to drive one.Happy MotoringOther AnswerNo. The primary requirement of getting a car insurance is obviously with a car. And more to the point: Why would you want or need car insurance without a car?Yes you can; if you don't have a car but drive a rental car or your friend's car(s) then you can opt for non owner's insurance. Keep in mind that you may not need it; insurance follows the car not the person so most auto insurance companies would accept the claim even if you were driving the car, not your friend.

Could you get car insurance with no car?

Not without insurable interest in a car. If you do not have a car, you do not need to have insurance. If you rent a car, you can get insurance for the rental, but that is a temporary policy. If you have permission to drive the car, you should be insured under the policy of the person from whom you borrowed the car.

Do you need to have car insurance when you have a learner's permit?

Yes, it is illegal to drive without car insurance. You may be covered on your family's insurance plan, however, so I would discuss it with them.

Can you have your license without auto insurance?

Yes, but to register a car you need the vehicle insured. In the state of CA you can't even buy the car without the insurance. Dealers won't let you take it out.

Can you get driver insurance without a car?

No- you need to give information about your car in order to get insurance on it. You could insure yourself so that you are insured no matter what car you drive, but most of the time not.

What you need to get car insurance?

You typically need a car, or other vehicle, to get car insurance.

How can you register a car in Tennessee without a title?

Yes, just need proof of insurance!

Does a wife need an insurance to drive husband's car?

In most states, anyone who drives a car needs to be listed on the insurance. If an accident were to occur then the husband could be liable for allowing the car to be driven without insurance.

If you have a car license and no car do you need car insurance?

no, only when u have a car u need insurance.

If the car your fiance and you share is titled under his name and he has insurance do you also need car insurance?

If you drive the car then you need car insurance.

If the court has told you you need insurance within a month but you no longer have a car what type of insurance do you need?

You will need non-owners insurance. Most companies offer this. This is for people without regular access to a vehicle.

Do you need car wash insurance?

not all car washes need insurance