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It is unclear whether you are referring to an insurance company (the risk-bearing entity) or an insurance agency (the business that sells the insurance policies to consumers). In either event, licenses are required, but obtaining them involve far different processes.

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Q: Do you need a license to open an auto insurance company?
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Do you have to get auto insurance when you get your license?

No. You need not get insurance when you get a drivers license, but you must get insurance when you buy your own vehicle

Do i need auto insurance with a license but no car?

you only need auto insurance if you driving. upon buying a car, you should get insurance.

Do you need a special license and insurance to start-up a auto transportation company in Texas?

You will certainly need a general commercial liability policy and/or a commercial auto policy.Local laws vary, but you will likely also need a business license and a taxi-type license.

Can you have car insurance if your license is revoked?

Yes, you can still get Auto Insurance but not through the standard carriers. You will need to contact an Independent Agent that has many companies available. United Auto Insurance is one company that will still offer you coverage while you work to get your license back.

What type of training do I need to open my own auto insurance business?

You will need an insurance license and the associated traiing to open an auto insurance business

Can you exclude your spouse from your auto insurance in Ohio if their license is suspended?

You can definitely exclude your spouse from your auto insurance. They shouldn't be driving if their license is suspended so they don't need insurance.

Do you have to have auto insurance if you have a drivers license but no car?

If you have your G2 or higher you need insurance to drive.

Do you have to buy insurance if you have provisional license?

If you own a vehicle then you have to have auto insurance depending on your state laws. Whether you have a provisional license or a regular license you still have the exact same need for auto insurance. It is so that if something happens the insurance will protect you from financial ruin.

How do you start an independent adjustment company and get the license for the estimatic sofeware?

I need a list of insurance companies who operate in North Carolina that need independent auto claims adjusters.

Do you need a driver license to get auto insurance in new jersey?

do you need a license ti insure a vehicle in new jersey

Do you need a drivers license to get car insurance?

No, Not necessarily, There are many insurance companies that will issue auto insurance coverage to you without a drivers license. It just depends on the underwriting requirements of the insurance company. Most of the larger national companies will require a drivers license first but many local and regional insurers will have no problem with it.

Will your full cover insurance work if you have an expired licence?

So long as your Auto Insurance is still in force your policy still covers you. You should renew your license as soon as possible though as the Insurance company does check your drivers license and driving history regularly. Should the company find that you have allowed your license to expire, they may decide to cancel your policy or decline to renew your policy on the assumption that you no are no longer a licensed driver and therefore do not need Auto Insurance.