Do you need a bellybutton

Updated: 9/21/2023
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No, your belly button is what used to be your umbilical cord. After you are born it is formed into a belly button and has no more use.

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Q: Do you need a bellybutton
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Do you have to have a bellybutton?

Once you're born - no. The bellybutton is the scar left over from the umbilical cord, which you don't need once you're born.

How do you bellybutton in Spanish?

Ombligo is the spanish word for bellybutton.

What kind of bellybutton does Nathan kress have?

An innie bellybutton

Is Justin bieber's bellybutton an innie?

His bellybutton is an outie.

What is the slang term for bellybutton?

Bellybutton IS the slang term for the navel.

What hurts more getting your ears pierced or your bellybutton?

Definitely your bellybutton.

Does Vanessa Hudgens have a bellybutton ring?

yes, Vanessa does have a bellybutton ring!

What is the medical name for navel or bellybutton removal?

the medical name is a navelectomy and any reconstruction on the bellybutton is umbilicalplasty. The answer is Navelectomy the construction or change to a bellybutton is called umbilicalplasty

Is it more common to have a in or an out bellybutton?

It is actually more common to have an in bellybutton. No one really knows why.

Does everybody have a bellybutton?

Yes, everybody has a bellybutton. Because when your born, they cut your cord and that leaves your bellybutton. Sometimes people lose their bellybuttons through surgery related to diseases or accidents.

When your pregnant why does your bellybutton pop out?

the bellybutton doesn't pop out during pregnancy it just appears to. The skin on your stomach gets stretched tight across your pregnancy bump so there is no hole for the bellybutton.

Does your bellybutton move like waves during pregnancy?

Does your bellybutton move like waves during Pregnancy?