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Certainly there are several insurance companies that provide coverage for mobile homes in a park or on private property. The key is who owns the mobile home. The owner is the person who would be able to get a policy on the home.

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Yes, The Mobile home owner can purchase coverage for their home.

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Q: Do you insure mobile homes that people own in the mobile home park?
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How old is your mobile home?

My mobile home is a 1981. Homes built after 1975 were subject to HUD rules and construction regulations, so are better in many ways. -Parks will allow older homes to exist if they are well kept, but will not allow pre-1975 homes to be moved into their property. Many insurance companies will not insure pre-1975 homes. Many movers will not move pre-1975 mobile homes.

Can you insure an unoccupied home?

Many people live in two homes throughout the year, such as those who have a summer home, for example. There are a wide variety of insurance companies that will insure the second home, even when it is unoccupied.

Can you get cable set up in a mobile home or do you have to have satellite?

Many people have cable service into mobile homes.

Can you have two homes with home owners insurance?

Yes, You can own and insure as many homes as you like.

Where can one find mobile home sales?

Mobile Home sales can be found at MHVillage, which has nationwide listings. Other resources are Fleetwood Homes and Clayton Homes, which are manufacturers of mobile homes.

Which insurance company insures a 1969 mobile home in Arizona?

Almost all home and auto insurers will insure a mobile home, in Arizona and all 50 states. There are companies that specialize in this type of insurance though. One large company that insures only mobile homes is Manufactured Housing Insurance Services.

How can you find a mobile home that belongs to someone?

Mobile homes that belong to people are all over the place ! - Did I not get the intended meaning of your question ?

Where to find Oakwood Mobile Homes?

They were taken over by Clayton Mobile Homes, who are now the largest mobile home builders in north America.

What has the author Kaye Condon written?

Kaye Condon has written: 'The complete guide to mobile homes' -- subject(s): Mobile home living, Mobile homes

Is it expensive or hard to insure a mobile home that was built in 1969?

It will be difficult for you to find insurance for it.

What is Iowa law on reposeing mobile home?

Ia laws on reposesing mobile homes

What is the shortest length of a mobile home?

I have seen mobile homes 32 feet long.