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No, not unless you want to buy VIP

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Q: Do you have to pay to play in wooz world?
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Will wooz world make you keep paying when you get wooz?

u have to pay or no wooz or u may get one from from a friend

What do you do on wooz world?

play a virtual game.

What age do you have to play wooz world?


What are cool virtual games to play?

wooz world or meez

How do you get wooz in woozworld?

sell stuff for wooz or just pay

How do you get three hundred wooz on wooz world?

1. u could get three hundred wooz if ur a VIP x) 2. u could sell stuffs and earn three hundred wooz but the shop podz required to sell stuff for wooz costs wooz. 3. or you can buy micro transition wooz bundles (pay some money and get tons of wooz)

How do you get free wooz on wooz world?

say motherload of wooz

How to get wooz on wooz world?

working for it

Where is mya wooz on wooz world?

te night with Mya Wooz

How do you earn wooz in woozworld?

Every once in a while there would be contests that will be announced in the blog, and you can earn some wooz if you win, but if you would like to have a lot of wooz and be a sepetillionaire, you would need to use real world money to pay for a VIP membership or wooz bundles.

How do you get free wooz in wooz world?

do the misions

How do you get a wooz money in wooz world with cheat?

how you do it