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Q: Do you have good genes for wearing good jeans explain?
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Do have good genes for wearing jeans?

no because genes are something totally different

Do you have good genes for wearing good jeans?

no 'cause genes are your bodies make up and jeans are a long pant clothing articles.

Do good jeans have good genes?

no because genes are something totally different

Why are One Direction so cute?

They had good genes (No, not jeans. Genes as in DNA.)

At what age should a women stop wearing tight jeans?

never. as long as she looks good in them...

Does Joe Jonas like girls wearing skinny jeans?

I think so, at least he weres them too so he should like girls in skiny jeans. ok well dat is a good answer

What are your opinions on men wearing tight jeans?

many guys (both gay and straight) think tight jeans look great on slim or muscular guys, especially if they are ultra-low rise cut, and don't sag, i.e. pulled up they are still super low and show off a nice package; plenty of guys are wearing them now, some gay and some straight. Best are men wearing woman jeans that have lycra 2% para stretch and woman jeans have better fit, look much better than men jeans, which look like wearing a potatoe sack. Of course too tight is not good, but a good snug fit is very sexy. In my opinion its HOT

Why does it feel good 'down there' when you stand in a certain position while wearing tight jeans?

It feels good for me too, but I think why it feels so good, is because it is kind of rubbing your vagina, and gives you that sexual expierence. ;)

Should you wear a dress and jeans for the first day of 4th grade?

No try wearing a cute shirt and skinny jeans or a cute dress I'm in eighth grade the first thing I wore was a skirt and shirt good luck I hope o helped

Are you a loser if you dont have skinny jeans?

No, not owning skinny jeans does not make you a loser. In fact, in my personal opinion, not having skinny jeans makes you a winner because there are very few people with a body shape that is flattered by skinny jeans. Many people I see wearing what I am guessing are skinny jeans just look like they are trying to fit into jeans that are 1-2 sizes too small for them; it tends to be an unflattering look. Also, skinny jeans are a trendy fashion; in a few years they will be unfashionable (again) and wearing them will be seen as being 'out of date'. A more pragmatic buy in jeans is well fitting straight leg to slight flare boot cut jeans - they will never be out of style, will look reasonably good on most body shapes and because they aren't trendy they are usually cheaper as well.

Are skinny jeans a good idea?

yes skinny jeans are a good idea send me a message

Thank Heaven For Skinny Jeans?

Skinny jeans are becoming much easier to come by these days. From the more affordable Calvin Klein and Levi's Brand skinny jeans to the J Brand and Not Your Daughters Jeans brands for those who can afford to spend a little more. Wearing skinny jeans are a great way for women of all sizes to compliment their figure and feel good about the way they look. Skinny jeans are made to compliment the female figure, which in turn compliments the way a women feels about her appearance.