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Contact a local attorney for specific rights in your state.

Call a lawn and garden specialist.

....and pay your car payments next time.

I think an attorney will require more information before a more complete answer can be given.

Generally speaking, the not-so-common "common sense" can be applied to any scenario when determining your legal rights.

Just an FYI, significant percentage of front line repossession agents (the person that actually drives the tow truck) have credit problems. And since they know how banks recover loan collateral, they are a bigger risk. Dont let Repo-Agents abuse you.

The answer to your question in short is "yes" you are entitled to the recovery from the Repo-Agent of the costs associated with repairing the damage done to your property by the Repo-Agent.

Before you get excited...Ask yourself this question. Is it worth it?

You are only entitled to actual damages. The term "actual" meaning - "defined". And your defined costs must be reasonable to the market.

So, if you spent $1,500 on product (sod, flowers, etc.), labor, tools, and misc. You are entitled to $1,500.00.


You must also prove the Repo-Agent you are accusing is the organization responsible for the damages.

In cases like this you generally have a small number of credible witnesses that will be available on date of your hearing. These usually become what I like to call "A Liars' Contest", "may the better Liar win".

Punitive damages are difficult to get too!

I'm suggesting you let this one go because it won't be worth your time, effort, mental anguish, and additional up front expense to pursue. You'll get your "day in court" but will you actually gain anything?

Remember, "You can win the battle, but lose the war". (I don't know who to credit for the quote - sorry)

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Q: Do you have any recourse if the repo guy damages your lawn by dragging your car across it?
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