Do you dust or vaccuum first?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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I'm guessing dust before vacuum as the vacuum doesn't dislodge all dust particles like actually dusting does.

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Q: Do you dust or vaccuum first?
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Chevy 350 will not change out of first gear?

Sounds like the vaccuum modulator might have gotten disconnected. Pass side of the car, side of the trans. A vaccuum diaphram, with a vaccuum hose connected, that runs up to the motor.

What do vaccuum lines do?

it takes the rubbish through to the vaccuum cleaners inner part where the rubbish is kept

Should you dust the furniture first or dust the hardwood floors first?

You should dust from top to bottom. If you dust the floors ans then the furniture the dust will fall on the floor and you will have to dust the floor again.

What do you do when throat hurts and you cough?

This sounds like an allergy to something that is in your home or place of work. Particles of dust, mold and mildew can effect your sinuses, give you a runny or congested nose and is the first sign of a cold. This in turn will be sniffed in further and irritate the throat, pussibly giving you the headaches as well. My best advice is to get a good vacuum cleaner with a hepa filter and clean the problem areas first. Clean the toilets with a 10% bleach solution from a spray bottle. Clean the tub to remove any mold build up. vaccuum each room twice and use the setting above bare floors for carpets. Vaccuum slow and evenly and be very careful when you dunp this material outside of your house into a compost pile. clean the vaccuum cleaner often. Make sure your dryer hose is well attached and is not letting clothes lint dust into the air. Vaccuum first, dust last because vaccuuning kicks up more dust. I dust with the vaccuum hose attachment and a paint brush. I use the brush as a broom on bookcases, mantles, dressers, etc. with the suction close enough to catch any dust that does get picked up. I also wear a dustmask that is the kind that people who work on sheetrock. It is much more conforming to the face than the older ones I used like a dental assistant wears which leaves many gaps around the face and the dust gets inwith these older ones. My other advice to you is to ask your family physician why this reoccurs.

How do you Clear a vent stack?

Vaccuum it out

What should you do first dust then vacuum or vacuum then dust?

I have always been told to dust first then vacuum. The idea behind this is that the dust that comes off of furniture will then be vacuumed up soon afterward.

Can a light travel through a vacuum?

Yes. Refer to stars - space is a vaccuum (though not a perfect vaccuum) and because light can travel through a vaccuum, we have day and night here on Earth. We can even see light from other stars light years away.

Why does sound not travel through space?

Sound does move through space. It doesn't move though empty space, i.e. a vaccuum. In outer space there is a vaccuum (though not necessarily a perfect vaccuum).Sound is caused by vibrations in a medium such as air (or water or wood). These vibrations compress and rarefy the medium. The vibrations move through the medium as waves.In a vaccuum, there is no medium thus there is no sound.

Why would a 1986 BMW 325E be revving up on its own?

Vaccuum leak. Replace all vaccuum lines that look cracked, should fix the problem.

Can there be no air pressure?

Yes. It's called a vaccuum.

What does VOE stand for?

vaccuum operated electrical switch

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