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Q: Do you do most growing in your sleep?
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How much sleep do you need to be healthy?

Most adults need 6-8 hours of sleep, but children or growing people may need 7-9 or more, depending on age.

What was William's life growing up?

Pretty much like most other kids: play, eat, sleep, go to school.

Is it bad to sleep on your tummy when your breasts are growing?

No, has no effect on them.

What was William shakespeares life growing up?

Pretty much like most other kids: play, eat, sleep, go to school.

How long do you sleep on average each night?

you should get on average 8 hours of sleep if you are a growing teenager.

How do you stop body from growing?

Don't eat, don't sleep

Which group of people need the most calories?

More likely, it is growing teen males who need the most calories.

Why do kids need 10 hours of sleep besides 8?

Kids need 10 hours of sleep besides 8 because they are still growing

Do you need less sleep as you grow older?

As people age, they may experience changes in their sleep patterns, such as lighter sleep and more frequent awakenings. Older adults may find they need less total sleep time or have a harder time achieving deep, restorative sleep. However, individual sleep needs can vary, so it's important to listen to your body and prioritize getting enough rest.

How do you stop your foot from growing?

eat ya ma toe nail off while she sleep

Does sleeping with a bra make your breast stop growing?

No it does not. It's not good for them to sleep with a bra on though.

How many hours sleep should 13-18's year old age girls need?

They need at least 4 hours sleep plus. If they are still growing then it is advised to get 8 hours, but because of girls hormones when growing up this may agrivate there sleeping patterns. It is best to see when they are tired and need sleep.