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Q: Do you consider yourself a healthy person?
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How can you consider an individual healthy?

we can consider the person healthy by doing exercises atlest 30 minutes a day.

Do you consider yourself a tidy person?

Yes....I do consider myself a tidy person. Do you?

When do you consider ourselves healthy?

One study has shown that despite our time's improvements in medicine and quality of life, the average person still feels the same need to have medical care as much of the time, and that they are sick as often as people of earlier times. Basically, by improving the health of the average person, we have not made them feel better about themselves. It is best to consider yourself healthy, no matter the circumstances.

What is your difintion of saleeperson do you consider yourself to be a good one?

Your definition of a sales person should match the company's goal for the sales person. Always state that you consider yourself a good one. If you aren't consider applying for other types of jobs.

Do you consider yourself a competitive person?

yes but not ina bad way

How do you know if you are a polygamist?

If you are or consider yourself to be married to more than one person.

Are you overweight if you are 5 foot 4 and weigh 127 pounds?

Absolutely not. You're at a very healthy weight range if you're at that height and weight. But it all depends on the person whether to consider yourself "healthy" or not. == == == == Check a BMI calculator for a rough estimate:

Do you consider yourself an asset to society?

I do not consider my self an asset to society. I am a good, smart, friendly and strong willed person.

When will you consider yourself as a lucky person?

When everything you do, goes your way. Health, wealth and happiness

Do you consider yourself a person with common sense?

Yes by the way wat is the point of this question

Do you consider yourself a leader?

Do you consider yourself a leader?

Would you consider yourself an externally motivated or internally motivated person?

I don't think it matters what some random person on the internet thinks - you have to answer this for yourself because we don't know you.