Do you brethout carbon dioxid

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Do you brethout carbon dioxid
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What kind of chemicals are in crude oil?

oxygen carbon dioxid and gastro hemous oxygen carbon dioxid and gastro hemous

What is oxygen carbon dioxid?

it is a very strong chemical

Where was carbon dioxid found?

carbon dioxide existed as soon as the earth began

What causes high blood carbon dioxid?

Heart problems.

How do water plants grow without carbon dioxid?

There is Carbon Dioxide dissolved in the water in which they grow.

What is type of matter is a cloudy ice cubes?

carbon dioxid ice

Can you find life in the earth's mantle?

NO because it is way to hot and there is to much carbon dioxid

What gas exchange occurs in the alveoli and the body cells?

In alveoli: molecular oxigen - go in (to blood vessels) Carbon dioxid - go out (from blood vessels) In Cells: molecular oxigen - go in (to mitochondrion) Carbon dioxid - go out (from mitochondrion & cytoplasm)

Why would ash and other particles in the atmosphere cool temperatures?

They cool down when they combine carbon dioxid and atmosphere.

Do all brains of sodas spray the same amount when you shake them up?

no all brands of soda have diffrent amount of carbon dioxid that biulds up to the top

What are properties of carbon dioxid?

Melting point is -78 degrees Celsius.Boiling point is -57 degrees Celsius.Colorless, odorless gas.Carbon dioxide is a gas in room temperature. It is odorless and colorless.

Is carbon dioxid needed for all organisms?

No, Carbon Dioxide is not needed for all organisms because humans and most other animals consume oxygen not carbon dioxide. However plants use carbon dioxide during photosynthesis to create oxygen as a waste product. By the way you really need to check your spelling.