Do you breath when you sleep?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Yes, in fact usually you breathe in a different pattern some people breathe heavier and some breathe lighter! Hope I helped!


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Q: Do you breath when you sleep?
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Do you breath faster when you sleep?

Generally you breath slower when asleep.

What do you do when you sleep?

You dream and breath when your asleep.

Can you breath when you are unconscious?

You are unconcious when you sleep......... ok, so you do breath. anyway, thanks!

Do bunnies breath when they go to sleep?


Do you breath through your nose when sleeping?

Yes you do because when you are trying to go to sleep you breath through your nose.

Can you sleep with a stuffed nose?

Yes you just have to breath though your mouth

What are the common characteristics in animals?

they move, breath, sleep, eat, do there 'buissness' and grow

What do daddy alligators do for a living?

Eat, sleep, breath air, and drink water.

What are learned behaviors of a ladybug?

A ladybug is born knowing how to sleep,breath, and swallow

Why can rhinos sleep underwater?

Rhinos don't sleep underwater, but hippos do, they rise to the surface and breath at regular intervals without waking.

Do sea snakes sleep?

Yes they all sleep. Some sleep on a rock with their head above water while others sleep on the bottom of the sea. Like marine mammals they can hold their breath for hours.

What do tiger's do?

Tigers mainly eat, sleep, breath, and mate. Tigers are just another animal in the animal species.