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They smell of cheese and onion

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Q: Do women give off odor when aroused?
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What chemical gives bitter almond smell?

Cyanide can give off a bitter almond smell, but doesn't always give off an odor, and not everyone can detect this odor.

Do dogs give off an odor when they have seizures?

Yes. My friend had a little dog that had seizures. Just before abd just after a seizure he gave off an odor.

Do Dwarf Hamsters put off an odor?

NO, They do not stink or put off an odor.

What ester is produced from ethanol and benzoic acid and sulfuric acid and what odor does it give off?

Ethyl Benzoate

Does isopropyl give off a strong smell similar to nail varnish remover or surgical spirit?

Isopropyl alcohol does, indeed, give off a fairly strong odor as it evaporates... but airing the place out would rectify this. The odor would be gone fairly quickly as isopropanol evaporates pretty fast. This odor isn't like nail polish remover, which is primarily acetone.

Are there Cockroaches in madeira?

Yes,there is. We studied cockroaces in Madeira today in my class.When they are threatened they give off a smelly odor.

If you step on a scorpion and kill it does it give off an odor that will attract more scorpions?

This isn't like the movie predators.

How do you tell if uncooked veal is spoiled?

The meat, which is a pale pink colour when good, turns brown, may give off an off-odor. It will also sometimes get a bit sticky to the touch.

Which is correct gas liquid or solid and as no taste and no smell?

Some gases have no odor. Air and its normal constituents are odorless. Since smell, odor, is sensed from gases, any liquid or gas that does not give off any gas will be odorless as well.

How can you tell if whole turkey is bad?

Usually, the smell will give it away. It develops an off-odor similar to mercaptan. A greenish tinge, sliminess and off odors mean it is past its prime.

What are the causes for bad odor in clothing?

Clothing is made of various 'fabrics', which are porous materials that can absorb or adsorb body fluids such as perspiration, blood and urine. Over time, those fluids deteriorate when exposed to air, and give off an odor. Clothing can also gain an 'odor' from being dry cleaned with a chemical called 'perk', which reacts with perfumes and deodorants to create an odor that is unpleasant.

An element that gives off a strong odor?