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Yes. There are many different types of vampires.

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Q: Do vampires really exist on the Earth?
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Does vampires exist on Earth?


Where do vampires live on earth?

So sorry to break it to you but, vampires........ don't........... EXIST!

Do vampires really exist in your world if yes then where can you find them?

I live in India and I'm reading many books about vampires. I think they really exist.

Are vampires beautiful or ugly?

Tell me which movie, and I'll answer the question. Vampires only exist in fiction; they do not really exist.

Do vampire exist on earth?

No, vampires are fictional. They do not exist in real life - there is no one on earth who "has no reflection in a mirror".

Do vampires really exsits?

Umm.. for those who believe vampires dont exist, i am one. For those who believe they do exist, your right.

Where do the most vampires go and come from?

Your imagination. Vampires do not really exist. Sorry to disappoint you.

Do Vampiers really exist and what are their physical features?

Vampires are made up creatures. They do not exist.

What are the chances of you dating a vampire?

Zero. Vampires do not exist. There are people who think they are vampires, but since they are not actually walking corpses they are not really vampires.

Are vampires really exist?

No, vampires are fictional beings, just like werewolves, fairies and Santa Claus.

How old are vampires?

That would depend on the vampire, if vampires exist at all. 3000bc but we don't know if they are really or not ?

Do vampires really drink blood?

Really? They really do in fiction, the only place they actually exist.