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No they do not they may look the same on the outside but on the inside they are total opposites. That's like saying will they both get cancer if they do same thing and eat same thing and sleep the same time and no everyone is diffrent EVERYONE. But it can be a possibility because I know me, my mom, and my sitster get ours within days of each other.

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Q: Do twin girls get their periods the same day?
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What do I do if I don't have a twin for twin day?

Grab a friend and dress up in the same clothes! I do that for twin day instead of going with my twin sister-and we look exactly the same!

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Can a girls periods stop suddenly on 4th day when her menstrual cycle is of 6 days if she have sex during her periods?

Yes.more than likely it is just a coincidence

How do you call a person that was born the same day month and year as you but is not your relative?

Unrealated twin

Can you get pregnant the same day you get your period.So say if you had the sex and then you got your period right after?

I think that the answer should be no. there can be no periods on the same day on which you dot pregnant..

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Periods of night & day? o.o I'm pretty new to this period stuff :P but I never heard of there being a different one at night and day ... you have periods usually every month for about 3-7 ish days ... it doesn't bleed at night usually as much or at all 'cause you're lying down and same with when your taking a shower or in water.

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Why is period brown on first day and last for three day?

some girls just have different colored periods. I have a brown period, some other girls may have red, rust red, marroon, or like you brown. It is very normal so dont worry.

Two girls have the same parents and were born at the same time of day of the same month but they are not twins?

They werent born in the same year. They are sisters

What is 3-10 day range of the periods?

3-10 day range of the periods = -7

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