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Yes they do. I have owned two 1997 4 door trackers and both had auto locking hubs. The GM dealer in Canada is a thief and quoted me $1640.00 ea. for them. But the Suzuki Dealer in Michigan quoted me $330.00 ea for the same part. You can check out Suzuki Forum .com lots of honest people tade and sell on there site. I may be able to hook you up with someone I know who may have a pair. E-mail me if you are interested. Good Luck

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Q: Do they make automatic locking hubs for 1997 geo tacker?
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How do you engage automatic locking hubs on ford bronco?

put it in 4x4, and it does it for you. or install locking hubs for 50 bucks.

1990 Toyota 4 runner 4x4 you are replacing the front end so you have manual locking hubs is the cv boot from the automatic locking hubs the same as the cv boot for the manual locking hubs?


What is the vacuum hose for front disc brakes on 2000 f250 for?

Engages automatic locking hubs on for wheels drives with automatic hubs.

What parts are needed to convert an 86 4x4 K20 suburban from automatic locking hubs to manual locking hubs?

In most cases just buying a new set of hubs. The automatic hubs are spring loaded and have an internal locking mechanism that works with the axle as to manual which just locks on to the axle when you turn the dial . Very easy swap just make sure the manual hubs are for your vehicle .

1997 Suzuki Sidekick with manual locking hubs will the automatic locking hubs interchang with the manual hubs without changing anything else or are there other parts to be change?

I put auto hubs in place of my manual ones on my 92 kick. there is a plate held by 4 screwes behind the hub that must be removed b4 the auto hubs will mount. but that is the only trick to it. do not remove the axle locking screws by accident our you will have one. 97has spring lock but other years be careful.

What keeps the hubs locked in 4 wheel drive?

i believe its a automatic friction lock if u don't have manual locking hubs

Who sells automatic locking hubs for 93 ford bronco?

Amazon and eBay. But if you are a serious off-roader manual hubs are better

Why wont the 4x4 work on your 1986 Chevy Silverado?

Do you have automatic locking hubs on the front axles?

On your 1997 ford ranger xlt 4x4 ext cab when its in 2wd the front end makes noise but in 4wd its makes no noise and runs prefectly. whats wrong with it?

if it has automatic locking hubs sounds like the hub is not releasing all the way need to check the engagment and disengagement of the front locking hubs

How do you turn on locking hubs on a 1995 Toyota 4runner?

a 95 4 runner probably doesn't have locking hubs. it probably has a.d.d. or automatic disconnect differential which means the hubs are always locked. so all you have to do is shift the transfer case lever into 4 wheel drive.

Can you change automatic locking hubs for manual on a Mitsubishi Triton 2003?

Acording to posts on Exploroz . com you can use hubs from early Tritons or Bas emodel Pajeros.

Your four wheel drive on your 1995 ford f-250 diesel wont work?

did you get out of your vehicle and physically lock the hubs on the front wheels? there automatic locking hubs.