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Q: Do they lip sync on Sing Along tv show?
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Has Nick Jonas ever lip sang?

Actually none of the Jonas Brothers lip sync. They were taught by their father, who used to sing at churches. He taught them how to sing with their actual voices, but if you don't believe me buy a CD, and go to a concert. Then compare the differences.

What is mime to music called?

lip sync

Do stars lip sync?

some do..if their dancers as well

Does Eminem lip sync?

nope, not at allDemi Lovato doesn't lip sync. She enjoys singing and she's young and talented. One of the few actually...She never did or will :)not at all!.. i listen to all her music ( call me obsessive) and I've heard her sing live she sounds just like she does on the CD and she don't really need to lip syncNO SHE DOESN'T if you don't believe me go on youtube and type her singing live shes amazing PS everyone lip syncs on music videosheck no she is a beautiful she does not, she has sung live and she sounds marvelous.yea my friends said that she lips sing that is totalynot true she is the best of all.heck no she is a beutiful she doesn't theres this video of her she singing and she fell down the stairs and she stopped singing so ha in yo face!

Did The Monkees lip sync their songs?

No. Elvis sang every song live, often changing the lyrics and making jokes in the middle of songs to amuse the audience and to put on more of a show. And just for a laughs.I don't even think there was such thing as lip synching in the 50's, 60's and 70's.Elvis did lip sync a song in 1971. Here is the proof. in Las Vegas-1970've Lost That Loving Feeling 1971 Live In Houston (Lip Sync)