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I think it will work, I just wished for wings about 2 hours ago and my back is burning.

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Q: Do the wishes on wwwreal-wishescom really work?
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Are wishes evil?

In A way, Yes because wishes reflect our deepest desires. If you just wish for something and expect it to happen then, it's a bad wish. You really have to work to make your dreams come true. So wishes are evil if you don't work to get to them.

What is the fastest way to get your wishes?

Work for them. Wishes are something that we need to try to accomplish .

Should a retiree work?

If she or he wishes to.

Does gogenicom really grant wishes?

Not in my experience

Is it possible to receive 3 wishes from a genie?

no, i believe God would not want us to have the ability to gain 3 wishes, but if you really think you can get 3 wishes... good luck

Does realwishescom really make your wishes come true?


Do wishes really come true?

Yes, honey. Sometimes you get what you wish for exactly and then it's missing a component that you never considered. Be careful with your wishes and dont ask for too much. Good luck with your hopes, dreams and wishes. Stay on your path of work and fullfillment and enlighten and helping out humanity in ways that only you can and all things work out as they should. Also sometimes you dont get your wishes because the lord has another plan for you.

Who wishes to see you is it aright sentence?

Yes, it can be. If you get the context right, it will work. You can use it as a question: "Who wishes to see you?" It could also be a part of a sentence: "Sir, there is a man outside who wishes to see you."

What is the plural possessive form of the noun wish?

The plural form for the noun wish is wishes. The plural possessive form is wishes'.Example: All of my wishes' fulfillment is the result of hard work.

This is the message usually about life or society that an author wishes to convey through a literary work?

The message, usually about life or society that an author wishes to convey through a literary work is... Theme

Does a British Citizen need an NI number?

Yes, if he wishes to work legally.

Who fulfills wishes?

You do. Hard work, careful planning, good timing, an inclination to take reasonable risks and determination are the tools you need.