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They could. They usually do not because most people do not hold them toward the sun.

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Q: Do the palms of your hands get sunburnt?
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In the anatomical position the face and palms are on the?

hands and palms will be anterior

How do you use PALMS in a sentence?

His palms were sweaty.The preacher raised his hands, palms upward, in prayer.Each of a person's palms contain life lines.

C.Do the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands have hair follicles?

No, the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands typically do not have hair follicles.

Why would the backs of your hands be constantly cold while your palms are warm?

Your palms have arterial circulation and the back of your hands have Venus circulation.

How do you spell palms?

That is the correct spelling of the plural noun "palms" (trees, or interiors of the hands).

Why is there no hair in the palms of the hands and the sole of the feet?

Skin on the palms of hands and sole of the feet lack hair follicles. Thus there is no hair growth on them.

What are the lines called in the palms of your hands?


What is the Very effective way to cure sunburnt hands?

Cold water for 10 minutes, anything cold

What can dandelions do?

make your hands yellow if you rub it on your palms

Other words for holding hands?

Embracing palms.

When was Sunburnt created?

Sunburnt was created in 1996.

What are the tennis hands?

If you play lots of tennis you will tend to get calluses all over the palms of your hands.