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Yes but not in front of fanes

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Q: Do the members of mindless behavior call each other by their real names?
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What is the members of Mindless Behavior name on facebook?

Yes they do have a Facebook page.(MindlessBehavior Fanpage)That is their real page the other pages are fake.

Do mindless behavior got girlfriends and if they do What is their names?

No, but if they did it would be me, you and 2 other girls

What do you need to lean about Mindless Behavior?

we need to learn what their real names are , their number , when their birthdays are and other good stuff like that so thats what we really need to learn about MINDLESS BEHAVIOR.

What does ray ray from mindless behavior like to do?

He likes bowling,eating,shopping with members of the group,meeting fans,going to beach any other things go on youtube and search mindless behavior ustream!

Where can you buy Mindless Behavior posters?

you can get mindless behavior posters probably from kmart,walmart, or other places.

Who is the other youngest in mindless behavior?

Prodigy!! :)

Did mindless behavior lied to each other?


Who in Mindless Behavior are related?

No one is related in mindless behavior. They did not even know each other before the actual group happened.

Where do you meet Mindless Behavior at?

Concerts or other places

Does mindless behavior kiss each other?


Do Princeton from mindless behavior wants kids?

Yes in the future, but right now him and all of the other Mindless Behavior boys are focused on music.

What got mindless behavior together?

they met each other.