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Someone said they cant get paid and still dance in competition, but that's not true at all. They can get paid for acting. As a matter of fact everyone on TV has to get paid, because it is all unionized.

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Q: Do the dance moms cast get paid?
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How much did the cast of Dance Moms get paid?

The Dance Moms dancers on the show don't get paid because they would be considered professional dancers, where they wouldn't be able to compete in dance competitions

How much do the moms get paid on dance moms?

They do not get paid anything

How much do the dance moms get paid on the dancing dolls?


How much do the dance moms get paid on the doll house?


What is the salary of the moms on dance moms?

The dancers and Dance Moms on the show do not get payed to do the show. if the dancers got payed it would mean the are"professional" dancers which means they would not be able to compete in competitions like star bound and all of the ones on the show. I'm not sure why the moms dont get payed but I'm sure their is some reason for it.

What is better dance moms or dance moms Miami?

Dance moms is better because it has better dancers!!

What actors and actresses appeared in Dance Moms Christmas Special - 2013?

The cast of Dance Moms Christmas Special - 2013 includes: Abby Lee Miller as herself

Did Dance Moms permanently replace Dance Moms Miami?

No, it did not. Dance Moms will have one more season, then Dance Moms: Miami will come back on Lifetime for a little while.

How can you meet the cast of dance moms?

Call ahead and set up a appointment.

Why is dance moms returning in June?

As abby said in episode 13 she needs a break from the moms the children and the yelling . dance moms miami just started to they are going to have a season and then dance moms and then dance moms miami .

What are the release dates for Dance Moms - 2011 Clash of the Dance Moms 3-31?

Dance Moms - 2011 Clash of the Dance Moms 3-31 was released on: USA: July 2013

Did dance moms Miami take over dance moms?

No it's just another dance moms tv show in miami