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Q: Do tanning beds damage any type of a gemstone worn in bed?
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What is the dangers of tanning beds?

Tanning beds expose you to UV light which has been linked to cancer. Tanning beds can also cause premature wrinkles and damage to your skin cells. If the proper tanning lotions are used you can help prevent damage to your skin. I would suggest that you find out what type of skin you have and which tanning lotion is right for you. If you tan in moderation and protect yourself properly you can avoid some of the potentially harmful effects.

Do tanning beds promote skin cancer?

UV radiation has been linked to a high risk for skin cancer. Tanning beds use this type of radiation to help you develop a tan but they can be dangerous even if you are using sun block.

Are tanning salons considered beauty salons?

No they are not. However, some "beauty salons" do offer tanning services. Some of these services might be from tanning beds. Other salons offer airbrush tanning services using a special type of tanning booth or hand held machine that uses a self-tanning solution.

What are the different kinds of tanning beds?

There are low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure tanning beds. The difference is the amount of UVB and UVA rays that are emitted. The higher pressure bed is actually less damaging to the skin than the low pressure type.

Do any taning beds give SPF instructions if you use cover?

There are general tanning instructions for using SPF in a tanning bed. This should be based more on skin type and sensitivity to exposure than on a specific tanning bed model.

Can a tanning bed cause skin cancer?

Yes, tanning beds can cause skin cancer. There are three main types of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Using tanning beds increases your chances of getting each type. The Skin Cancer Foundation's website is a great resource for information about skin cancer.

What type of lotion would be appropriate to use on a tanning bed?

Indoor tanning lotions are designed specifically for use with an ultraviolet light source, which is found in tanning beds. There are several different options available with indoor tanning lotions, including lotions that give a bronzing effect, and lotions that moisturize the skin.

What kind of salon is Fabutan?

Fabutan is an indoor tanning salon. They keep tanning beds and equipment for customers to use to obtain a tan. They do require that users sign consent forms and give information about their skin type to avoid potential dangers.

Does applying lime juice makes skin darker?

No,. The only thing it will do is make you smell like a lime Actually it may damage your skin with long term use. The skin only darkens through tanning and depending on the type of skin you have long term tanning can cause damage and skin cancer.

What is and amber gemstone?

a type of rock or gem

What type of stone is diamond?

Diamond is a gemstone.

Is ruby metallic?

No. It is a type of crystal.