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not really, i recommend OG and Tea

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Q: Do salt chips help when you are sick?
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How much salt is in salt and vinegar chips?

What brand? No two will be alike. Chips in general are very high in salt though. check the bag.

140 lb dog ate a bag of chocolate chips help?

it will get sick and throw it all up. chocolate is bad for dogs.

Are salt and vinegar chips safe to eat while pregnant?

is it okay to eat salt and vinegar chips while pregrant

How does ephedrine salt blocks help some sick animals?

There are no salt or mineral nor medicated mineral blocks that contain any form of ephedrine in them. Sick animals are treated by antibiotics via injection, not by just giving them a "medicated" salt block.

Are lays chips fried?

Yes, Lay's chips are salted. However, you can find chips with less or no salt.

Will smashing chocolate chips with a hammer make you sick?


Can a dog get sick by eating doritos chips?

Yes it can.

How much salt is in Potato chips?

Different brands of potato chips contain different amounts of salt, ranging from salt-free to lightly salted to heavily salted. Read the label on the bag to determine the amount in a specific brand.

What are the release dates for CHiPs - 1977 Sick Leave 4-2?

CHiPs - 1977 Sick Leave 4-2 was released on: USA: 28 September 1980

How much salt does 10g of Smiths Original Chips contain?

smith chips have 0.3g in them

Do potato chips help plant growth?

Potato chips are a highly salted food, and as such they would bad for most plants, which do better in soil that is not too salty. And even those plants which are tolerant of salt, would derive little benefit from potato chips, which contain little of the minerals that help plant fertility.

Do rabbits eat banana chips?

No, you should never feed you rabbits banana chips they will get really sick.