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The star Polaris may have its own planetary system. Certainly none in our solar system come close to it

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Q: Do planets come close to Polaris?
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What planets resources might come close with earth?

what planet's resources might come close with earth

Where is planet heaven is it in the polaris star system since polaris is a trinity star system?

Polaris is a Trinary star system, but there are many other trinary star systems out there, and to date no exo solar planets have been discovered around any of the stars that make up the Polaris system. Not to mention that Polaris A being a red giant and Polaris B and C being a close binary star system the existence of any planets is very unlikely.

Is polaris a solar system?

Polaris is a star. It is likely that it has planets, i.e. that there is a related solar system, since most stars seem to have planets.

Polaris revolve around which planet?

Polaris is a star, and it doesn't revolve around any planets. It is possible that other planets revolve around Polaris, but so far I'm not aware that anyone has looked.

Is there water on Polaris?

No. Polaris is a star (actually a system of 3 stars), far too hot for water to exist. There is no known evidence of planets in the Polaris system.

Where does Polaris point to?

Very close to the North.

Why is the Polaris the north star?

Because the earth's north pole happens to point [very close] to Polaris.

When was the last time all of the planets come close to alignment?

May 05 2000 was the last planetry alignment

Is Polaris brighter than other stars?

Look up in the sky and you will see. Polaris is actually quite dim, compared to other stars and planets. Even at it's dimmest, Mars is brighter than Polaris.

Is Mercury the north star?

No. Mercury is one of the planets that orbit the sun. The North Star is Polaris.

Are the planets close to meteorites?

They are close to the merteorites but they do not get hit.

Why don't planets collide?

All the planets are in stable orbits around the sun and never come close enough to be significantly affected by each other's gravity.