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Q: Do people with red hair have more copper in there body?
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Intelligent people who have more of two chemical elements in their hair than less intelligent people what are they?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that the levels of specific chemical elements in hair are directly correlated with intelligence. Intelligence is a complex trait influenced by a variety of genetic, environmental, and societal factors.

Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair?

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair. Intelligence is a complex trait influenced by various factors, and hair mineral content is not directly linked to cognitive abilities. Individual intelligence is a result of a combination of genetics, environment, education, and experiences.

Do horses have more hair than people?

Yes way! Horse's 'Fur" Is called hair, so it's all over their body

How can someone grow more body and chest hair?

Unfortunately, it's all in your genes. However, men's body hair doesn't usually finish growing until they are about 30. So if you are a younger man with no body hair, it is likely that you will develop more body hair over time.

Does hair have feelings?

hair is composed of DEAD cells. the body uses proteins to grow and repair tissues your body does not store proteins so to get rid of excess proteins that turn into amino acids inside the body, the body transforms them into hair. that's why bobybuilders have to wax more often than other people. so I'm pretty sure hair does NOT have feelings.

Why are people with light hair more likely to get cancer than people with dark hair?

The color of hair has nothing to do with cancer. Cancer is determined by genes, environment, and the different drugs or abuse that is done to the body through the years of life. Smoking is a good example of what happens to a body that is abused and the cancer it develops.

What are apes' body covered with?

Ape have the same body covering as we do: skin with hair and sweat glands. They just have more hair than humans do.

How does Biotin promote hair growth?

Boitin promotes hair growth by stimulating the hair's roots into producing more hair. It tricks the roots into thinking that the body needs more hair.

Can Chinese people grow body hair?

They can and do, it is just often much more fine and lighter than those of other races.

Do men have more body hair than women?

In general most men grow more body hair than women. The primary reason for that is that men generally produce more testosterone.

Why do men have blond hair?

They have more hair because their hair strand is smaller than let's say a person with natural black hair. They have less color molecules in the actual cortex, or medulla. So that makes their hair naturally thinner, and the body makes up for it by putting more strands on the head

Why do boys have more hair than girls in their body?

they got more hair because boys are are like dogs and girl are like hair less dogs