Do momo and toshiro kiss

Updated: 9/14/2023
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They have not kissed yet but the do share a connection

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Dose toushiro kiss anyone

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Q: Do momo and toshiro kiss
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Does toshiro like momo?

There is no evidence that Toshiro likes Momo in a romantic fashion, expessully not a kiss... as that has not happened. I think he does like her. He always wants to protect her from harm. and sometimes thinks about her.

What episode when toshiro was protecting momo?

They do not kiss as there is no proof they are romantically involved.

Does momo cheat on toshiro?

Momo is technically not with Toshiro so she can't really cheat on him.

Who is the partner of toshiro?


Momo and toshiro?

Momo and Toshiro were best friends a kids. Momo went t to the soul reaper academy then Toshiro followed shortly after. As kids Momo would call Toshiro- Little SHiro (shiro cahn in japanese) and Toshiro would counter by saying Bedwetter. While Momo was in the academy she Ment Renji and Izuru(sister made Izuru like a girl). Those three became best friends. Toshiro met a boy named Kusaka(find out in Bleach Movie 2 The Fiamonddust Rebellion). Toshiro and Kusaka ended up both weilding Hyomimaru and so that led them them to fight because of Central $6's order. Toshiro ended up being the wielder of Hyomimaru. Momo ended up weilding Tobiume and she became Lieutenant of squad 5 and Toshiro captain of squad 10 with Rangiku Matsumoto as his lieutenant. During te series you find out that Gin and Sousuke tried to kill Momo and in one episode they succed. Aizen uses his zampakto to create an illusion to make Toshiro think Momo is Aizen and Toshiro ended up killing Momo because of that. When Toshiro is freed of the illusion after he atacked Momo, Momo asked for one thing off Toshiro. A kiss. He ends up kissing her and then she dies. *crying*

Does Momo kiss Toshiro?

Yes they do kiss in the episode that momo dies. Before momo died she was attacked by Renko and stab ed through the chest then Toshiro came to her rescue and saw her on the ground dieing. She asked him if she could have one thing be for her death. a kiss. He kissed her and took her last breath, then died..

Who does toshiro have a crush on?

Toshiro has a crush on Momo. Momo is six years older than Toshiro and while they are friends, she also protected him. Momo left for college. The two meet up again years later.

Do toshiro and momo ever hug?


What episode does momo hinamori die?

momo does not die but she is badly wounded by toshiro hitsugaya

What episode mostly about toshiro and momo?

None episode.

Does hatsugaya love matsumoto?

No it's actually shown that Toshiro Hitsugaya is in love with Lieutenant of Squad 5 Momo Hinamori

What episode is the flashback with Momo and Toshiro Hitsugaya?

partly in 46 episode