Do humans excrete

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Q: Do humans excrete
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Is urine the only waste product that humans excrete?

No, urine is not the only waste product that humans excrete. Humans also excrete waste solids as fecal matter, and waste gas - primarily carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Do dogs excrete?

Yes, they excrete carbon dioxide, water, and feces just like humans do.

Do rats excrete fluids wastes in the same manner as humans?

no they have sepecial wholes in their neck to excrete the pee

How does a sloth excrete?

A sloth excretes out of the rectum like humans do.

Do bats excrete through the mouth?

No, bats excrete the same way humans do. Bat feces are called guano and are a valuable additive to fertilizer.

How does chimpanzee excrete?

The same way as a human.

What is the definition of excrete?

The verb excrete means to separate and expel a substance as waste (especially applied to metabolic byproducts). For humans, this would include feces, urine, and sweat.

Is humen ammoniatelic?

No, humans are unable to be considered an ammonotelic species. This is because we as humans are ureotelic, which means we excrete excess nitrogen as urea.

Humans excrete most nitrogen-based wastes in urine using what molecule?

Urea, uric acid, and creatinine.

Do clouds excrete?

no, clouds not excrete

How does a sunflower excrete?

The roots of sunflowers excrete toxin (not harmful to humans and pets) that prevents seeds from sprouting and seedlings from growing. The toxin is biodegradable but in the growing season it just might affect another sunflower shoot when planted too close together.

Do plants excrete?

yes plants do infact excrete