Do green shield bugs bite

Updated: 9/20/2023
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YES! If distressed they will unleash a very nasty bite.

I am still healing after nearly 3 weeks of dealing with a very nasty bite.

I was turkey hunting in the Missouri woods when I noticed a very dull aching on my posterior (yes, in a very tender place). After a short time, I got up to find a large green shield bug lying upside down under the affected area.

What followed was the most painful insect experience I have had to date. Worse than wasps, hornets, saddle back caterpillars, or even a chigger infestation. The bitten area became increasingly painful over two days and an area about the size of a nickel basically turned into dead tissue. For the next week I had a continuous throbbing pain that tricked of slightly every day since.

As I mentioned, this bite will be 3 weeks old and, at present, looks like a very deep cigarette burn and it still emits a bit of pain.

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Q: Do green shield bugs bite
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