Do girls swallow

Updated: 9/11/2023
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depends on the girl, some spit, some swallow.

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Q: Do girls swallow
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Do girls usually swallow or spit?


Do most girls swallow the first time?


Do all women swallow?

It is estimated, according to surveys, that 30 percent of girls swallow. However, 100% of girls swallow when they eat food, drink a drink or do normal daily activities.

Why do girls swallow goldfish?

Because the iron in them improves their womb.

What if sperm is eaten by a girl?

nothing girls swallow all the time......

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What looks best on short girls?

if your short you either gotta go very short or very long on your hems the in-between will usually swallow shorter girls.

Do girls die eating swallow uncooked raw white rice?

yes they choke to death and have a heart attack :D

Whats dose the phrase boys spit and girls swallow mean?

By the way it sounds ....No to be crude or gross probably has to do with oral sex

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What is the future tense of swallow?

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Do vegetarian girls swallow?

Yes, well, at least I do. I don't find that being a vegetarian has anything to do with how you act in a sexual or day-to-day basis.