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Q: Do girls enjoy spanking
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What kind of spanking do girls deserve?

girls deserve the over the knee spanking. and bare bottom spanking.

How do you find others that enjoy spanking?

go to spanking clubs....

How many people enjoy spanking?

An ever growing number world wide.

What are some spanking movies?

Check out Secretary, SherryBaby and Uptown Girls.

Is spanking a good thing to do?

Okay, first of all, if we're talking about raising kids, no -- spanking is not a good idea. All it does is teach the child to fear and deceive. If we're talking about spanking as a sex game, enjoy it with a willing adult partner.

Do women enjoy spanking men?

maybe 1 percent of all women do

What does the company Spanking TGP offer?

Spanking TGP is a website that offers a place for people to view photos, videos and online webcams of people who enjoy being spanked, caned and whipped.

Why do girls enjoy sexting?

To be honest, a lot of girls don't enjoy sexting. They do it to please guys they like, or because they are blackmailed into it. But sometimes, girls do enjoy it, in the same way that men enjoy it.

Is it bad that you like spanking kids?

Yes, spanking your kids can be a addiction that leads to bd things. If you enjoy doing it, one day you might hit them somewhere that is shown to an outside person, then getting you in trouble. Try playing kinky with your husband by tying him up and spanking him instead, it will always work :) plus, spanking is a thing that parents are supposed to do with regret not happiness

Why do guys like spanking?

cuz it makes them feel good and plus they like to touch girls bums

Do girls enjoy talking about emotions?

Most girls do enjoy talking about hteir feelings, they like to talk.

Do girls enjoy fellacio?

Yes girls do like this.