Do game websites cause viruses

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Go Animate


Cool Math Games

(In very rare cases) World of Warcraft


These listed sites cause viruses

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Q: Do game websites cause viruses
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Does spiral knights cause viruses?

No, its a simple playfull game it has no viruses

Will game websites give you viruses?

Sites like, and addicting games will not give viruses but may implant cookies on your computer. I doubt there are any game websites with viruses because I have been on 30 and got no viruses. Free anti virus: AVG

What are some game websites with no viruses?

Animal jam is a fun online game with out a virus.

How do you get NBA 2k11 on your PC?

You can but the game. I doubt you can download it. Some websites have viruses. I suggest not to download.

Does boxhead game give viruses?

i don't think it cause virus

What websites does not have virus?

Most websites don't have viruses.

What websites with games don't have viruses?

all websites

Does ooVoo cause viruses?

No oovoo can not cause viruses.

What are games don't give you viruses?

If you're wondering what games don't give you viruses, look for ones that have valid makers and are O.K. with your antivirus program. Also, sometimes it's not the game that has the virus, but the website the game is from, so be careful of what websites you click on.

Can parasites cause viruses?

Parasites can carry and transmit viruses, but they do not "cause" them.

Are viruses a cause of cancer?

Some can cause cancer. They are called oncogenic viruses.

Does Google give viruses?

No, though some websites that Google Search links to have viruses.