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Q: Do fat people have more germs on their bodys?
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Do germs help people?

No, they kill people. fat kid

How does fat function in your bodys?

Fat serves as an energy source for the body.

What stores fat?

Most of your bodys general areas.

What animals have a layer of fat or blubber around their bodys?

a wellwires

Why do bodys need fat?

Our bodies need fat to porvide energy and to get all the vitamins we need.

How does the cold effect pengiuns?

they have blubber under there big fat bodys

Why people wobble?

From what I've seen, yeah. It's because there bodys are so wide and fat hangs down so low.

Why is your goldfish fat?

one reason they get fat is because there bodys digest food fast and the stool cant keep up.

What are fat bodys?

Body fat calipers tell you how much fat you have. Though they aren't essential, they are great to have. They help you measure your success as you go along.

Do fat people have more veins?

No they don't. They have more fat in their fat cells!!

Who is more likely to get paralized fat people or skinny people?

fat people. are more llikely to get paralized

How do organisms in the tundra biome get energy?

Well... They build up a layer of fat which powers their bodys.